Petri Basson


Cayman Directors the Who, What, When, Where and Why

Discussion surrounding the appointment and duties of Cayman directors have been under the spotlight as there is significant pressure from the FATF / CFATF to ensure that the Cayman Islands strengthens the effectiveness of its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regime. While numerous companies and funds are looking for answers on what is necessary to

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The role of a Cayman Islands director during the three stages of a fund’s life

As a fund manager or investor, you may ask yourself what the role of a Cayman Islands Director is during the different stages of a fund’s life. In the first instance decision in the Weavering case the judge divided the life of a fund into three distinct phases that provide a useful frame of reference when looking at the duties

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The value of Independent Directors with Digital Asset experience

As the crypto industry matures more and more traditional funds are considering investments in digital assets and potentially diversifying their portfolio. For established digital asset funds they may be considering appointing independent directors as part of the natural maturation of the fund to implement proper corporate governance or to meet institutional investor requirements.  So why is it important to appoint

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What are the duties of a Cayman director?

  When looking at setting up a hedge fund the fund managers may find themselves asking what the duties of a Cayman directors will actually be? We’ve written a few articles about why you should appoint Cayman directors to your board.  In this article we will cover the duties of this director once appointed.  Where are these duties specified? The

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Why Are Independent Directors Important For Hedge Funds

In recent years, institutional investors have taken a more proactive approach to vetting the independent directors of hedge funds, so it is critical that investment managers take the appointment of directors seriously. In this article, we outline some of the key considerations investment managers should discuss when selecting their next hedge fund director, and more specifically what they should consider

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Why your Crypto Fund needs an Independent Director

The crypto fund space is maturing very quickly as interest in digital assets increased exponentially over the past year. More and more institutional investors are considering an allocation to the asset class and a number of listed entities have even invested a percentage of their treasuries in Bitcoin and other assets.